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Malik Gee (Pvt.) Ltd, all These packages may include your first and only private institution of Pakistan brought life awaits all facilities on the same platform, you can get all these things. Cash and easier to update so quickly. Find your favorite Package from our website and contact us more information.

Malik Gee (Pvt.) Ltd presenting new favorable installment plans for general public. Through our platform you can get Mehran, Bolan, MG70 Bikes & Umrah Packages etc in very easy and affordable installments. Please come and join us. Feel free to contact with us through E-Mail, Contact Numbers and Visits.

Malik Gee (Pvt.) Ltd.

Cell: 0300-0569156  / 0300-0569256

Head Office: Iqbal Colony, main Road, Mumtaza Abad, Tandlianwala, Faisalabad.
Sub Office: Chowk Jamia Masjid, Tandlianwala, Faisalabad.

Tel: 041-3441300 / 0413441400